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A Holiday Wish-12/25/20

A year to remember. I mean, how could we forget. For me, so many things happened. I retired from working and got two books published. I got married and we went on a dream honeymoon in Italy, as well as meeting some of Di’s family in the same village where her grandfather spend most of his young life.

On the darker side, many forces have gathered in an attempt to destroy mankind: wars, hate, racism, plague, financial ruin, educational chaos. So many souls have been taken from us. I cannot wrap my mind around the loss. And even amid this, our current administrations, both national and state have tried to hide the true numbers of just how many have died of this virus.

Even on a personal level, it’s not been a perfect year. During this busy time of year, I have managed to have one knee that required aspiration of fluid, which seems to have fixed the issue. Then I got sciatica (or so I thought). It turned out to be shingles in the dermatome feeding my sciatic nerve. So, as I was navigating that new message to be gentle with myself, my right knee buckled on me a few days ago and I fell forward and hit that knee right inside the door of the house. Di was out shopping, but I managed to get in the house and pull myself to a vertical position.

So, three visits to an orthopedic doctor and x-rays later, I am scheduled for an MRI on that knee. The doctor now suspects a fracture of my right tibia. Once they get the MRI, we will know more I guess I’ll request a bubble for my holiday

Yes, despite all the challenges, I am blessed. I can breathe without a ventilator. I have a

beautiful family. I am not locked up in a dark place in a foreign country. I have clean, abundant water to drink. And yet despite the political challenges of the past year, I enjoy freedoms imagined by many woman and men across this beautiful orb we call earth.

As I post this, I am sending prayers and positive thoughts to all, hoping your holiday is filled with peace, love, and happy memories of other holiday seasons gone before. Stay safe, take time to breath, and be present. Our tomorrows are gone and the future is an illusive mistress, but we do have right .now. Love and light.

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1 Comment

Melissa Miraglia
Melissa Miraglia
Dec 25, 2020

I'm so sorry to hear what you've been dealing with! I hope you are on the mend soon. Light and love to you too.

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